Welcome to my music.
Below are several of my most recent compositions for pianoforte and orchestra being performed by Ioana Maria Lupascu.http://www.ioanalupascu.ro
There are also two videos of myself playing my favourite compositions by Sergey Rachmaninoff. “Elegy” and “Daisies”.
Ioana Maria Lupascu is a state soloist with “The Paul Constantinescu Philharmonic” in the city of Ploiesti, Romania. She resides in the capital, Bucharest.
Not only does she possess the astonishing technical skill that all concert pianists must acquire during their many years of study, (Ioana studied with the distinguished pianist and teacher, Lazar Berman) she is also a true performing artist with a powerful stage presence to match. A siren of the piano. Sparkling clarity, controlled sensitivity and acrobatic bravura are part of her broad pianistic vocabulary. And all of it coupled with a delicate sensitivity that is at times, mystical and timeless.
During 2013 and 2014 Ioana has undertaken to premier several of my orchestral works, beginning with the “Zorro Suite” followed by”Anna Karenina” and then in 2014 “A Soldier’s Tale”.
When we began collaborating there was only one request that she made of me; She wished for the compositions to possess technical challenges and romantic beauty. In other words, I was given absolute creative freedom in my own style of composition. I hope that my work encompasses all that she wishes and satisfies her demanding standards.
I certainly look forward to her own personal interpretation of my work. If anyone can tell a story through music alone, Ioana Maria Lupascu certainly can and will.

Zorro Suite “Overture” Composed by Sergiu Pobereznic

Zorro Suite “Pas de Deux” Composed by Sergiu Pobereznic

Zorro Suite “Frida” Composed by Sergiu Pobereznic

Zorro Suite “Tango 3D” Composed by Sergiu Pobereznic

Rachmaninoff’s Elegie Op.3 No.1 played by Sergiu Pobereznic

Rachmaninoff’s Daisies, Op.38 No.3 played by Sergiu Pobereznic

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