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As some of my ardent fans already know, in late September 2010 I stopped painting and composing in my usual prolific manner and began to write in secret a series of fictional novels. There was no choice in the matter. I am a writer and always have been. Notes and short stories from my past were instrumental in the structuring of the plots and characters of my fictional works, along with my unrelenting dreams that longed to be voiced.

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Depiction of Christ and the Big Bang

An abstract/cubist version of events. Not to be taken to heart.


The Kimono series.

In 2010 while completing my orchestral commission of “A Soldier’s Tale” concert for piano and orchestra Opus 3, I ventured to the Ian Potter museum of art to give my mind and ears a rest. There was a Rupert Bunny collection. An Australian artist I had never seen. I also found out he was a composer like myself so I became very interested. A particular painting of a Japanese actress, titled  “Madame Sadayakko as Kesa” filled me with inspiration. As soon as I got home, I began working on this series at the same time as the orchestral work.


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Night Dreaming Study 1 Probability Space 3 Kimono and Yellow Rose Kimono Sunset over Venice Ram - No. 02 Romeo in Juliet's Tomb - No. 2