As some of my ardent fans already know, in late September 2010 I stopped painting and composing in my usual prolific manner and began to write in secret a series of fictional novels. There was no choice in the matter. I am a writer and always have been. Notes and short stories from my past were instrumental in the structuring of the plots and characters of my fictional works, along with my unrelenting dreams that longed to be voiced.

The five novels that I have finished to date have been read by a number of test readers and the feedback has been tremendously positive. ‘How long until you have completed the next one?’ has been the predominant response.

Each novel is its own separate entity, but in every one I utilize a foundation that I have expertise in. Literature, art, music, ballet, philosophy, psychology, serial crime, social conditions, theology and life. In all my novels, there is always a twist… or maybe two… and possibly three.

My own art work will be used for all the cover designs.

Some of the novels will be initially released in the 3rd quarter of this year with others following in due course.

Below are some answers to questions I have been asked by my keen and impatient fans over the last few months.

Writing style:

The writing style is my own. Original, like the art and music I create. I have not invented the wheel, just made it even more interesting. There are biographical areas to my writing and I lean towards the romantic and poetic prose, even when dealing with gruesome subject matter. Example below.

“What I  saw was a body decomposing… My skin hanging like an old coat – white and speckled with purple lesions – wrapped around my weak and dying spirit”. “Death… One long infinite night of isolated sleep”.

And now for something beautiful about love.

“When you are in love, nothing matters. The hungry, hollow space inside of you is filled. Hope lives. Existence has reason. Pain is numbed. Wisdom grows. Hate can’t exist because it is eaten by it… Love. Nothing can stand up to it. Love endures  against all things. It is infallible to failure and the uncontrollable antidote to all”.

Yes, I am a romantic at heart.


Dreams are my usual trigger and the main source of inspiration and ideas. Also I must add; the interesting life I have led; fascinating people I have met; inspirational books I have read; and places I have seen on my travels around the world, have shaped all my novels and the way I write.

“Inspiration surrounds us. Just stop, open your eyes, and look”.

– Sergiu Pobereznic –

Why write:

Since my early childhood in Communist Romania, I have been a natural born story teller with a great deal of imagination. I am also a talented mimic, capable of many accents and impersonations. As early as 6 years of age, I was able to retell a mundane daily event with embellishments, while captivating the adults around me with ease. Story telling is something I enjoy and do with effortlessness.

Other ventures:

I have also written 9 short children’s stories (2,000 words each) entitled, “The Adventures of Black-Cat”… 9 stories for 9 lives. For ages 5 to 10 years, and of course for those young at heart. Buried within the stories are simple morals, without a preaching tone. I will personally illustrate them in the near future. These will be available later in the year – we will be looking into a multimedia presentation of this material.

Future writing:

Too many novels to mention, but here are two.

“The Secret Violin, a memoire”.

Almost in the style of a legend, the story weaves its way from Austro-Hungarian Europe to America and back to Paris, from the 1800’s to present day.

And “Pale Mirror Echoes”.

Favourite writers:

In no particular order. Julian Barnes, Marcel Proust, Rebecca Goldstein, Mary Shelley, Radclyffe Hall, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Ayn Rand, Mario Vargas Llosa, Oscar Wilde, Virginia Woolf, Jane Austen, Joseph Heller, B.S Johnson, Eva Figes, Alice Walker, William Shakespeare, Daphne du Maurier, Immanuel Kant, Stephen King, Bill Bryson, Stephen Fry, Mikhail Bulgakov, Ramona Ausubel, Ivan Goncharov, Markus Zusak, D.H. Lawrence, George Orwell, Jo Nesbo, Thomas Harris, Thomas Robert Malthus, George Elliot, Agatha Christie, Samuel Becket, Annie Proulx, Richard Dawkins and Jean-Paul Sartre.

Just a few…

As you can see, my tastes are varied, but the most important thing to me is being captivated and ultimately rewarded for my efforts with something compelling.



Genre: Adult fiction, psychological, mystery, tragedy, suspense drama.
This is a complex, insightful and intensely emotional story about love and loss, life and death. Veiled in secrets, even the silences have profound meaning.
Told in three interwoven voices – poles apart – gently unravelling the unassailable dominion between father and daughter, husband and wife and more poignantly “The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name”. This novel illustrates the unbreakable bond of love and the merciless ghosts it leaves behind.
Set against The Royal Ballet School backdrop, the author (an ex-principal dancer) gives the reader a rare glimpse into the ballet world, and the training endured for the smallest chance to become a professional.

PORTRAIT OF A SUICIDE, A Fictional Biography.
Genre: Adult fiction, psychological, mystery, neo-noir tragedy, suspense drama.
Themes: Suicide, paedophilia, incest, recovered memory, divorce, child access rights.
It is said that the moment preceding the realisation of our mortality, our entire life flashes before our eyes.
This is happening to Myron on a lonely stretch of highway. He is gathering speed towards a tree, in a bid to end it all.
How will he perceive his own history, when confronted with the sure and certain knowledge that with his extinction comes the termination of a unique journey.
Imagine living a life span in a momentary blink. Imagine the infinite possibilities that those revelations could conjure in that microscopic juncture between sentience and oblivion.

Genre: Adult fiction, psychological, mystery, suspense, crime thriller.
Themes: Art, delusional love, serial killing, mental illness, hypnosis, mind control.
It’s astonishing… so lifelike, it could be real!” How many countless times are those words uttered by the self professed connoisseurs of fine art? How little they know.
The setting is New York’s art scene. Gerius Cole, the famous, gifted and secretive artist/painter is commissioned to portray a series of life scaled paintings of the great death scenes from Shakespeare’s Tragedies.
But is art imitating life… Or the reverse?

Genre: Adult fiction, psychological, mystery, suspense, crime thriller.
Themes: Hypnosis, child serial killing, paedophilia, mental illness, recovered memory and love.
Some people have said that the human race teeters on the precipitous cliff edge of insanity. It is believed that fear in waking life is associated to the incidence of nightmares. All it takes is a trigger for the sane to become unsound of mind.
Harry Perlman has been triggered.
He is slipping over the edge and the nightmares have begun.
His mind, that most powerful force and constant ally, is now his worst enemy.
OCD… Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Genre: Adult fiction, psychological, mystery, suspense, crime thriller.
Themes: Child serial killing, paedophilia, mental illness, hypnosis, recovered memory and love.
Two years on.
Just when Harry believes his grasp of reality is harmonious and sustainable, the persistent spectre of his nightmares begins to take corporeal shape once again. Threatening him with the burden of paranoia and systematic delusions. The enemy is returned… And advancing with pitiless force. A malfunction of imagination? Or something far more sinister.

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