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As some of my ardent fans already know, in late September 2010 I stopped painting and composing in my usual prolific manner and began to write in secret a series of fictional novels. There was no choice in the matter. I am a writer and always have been. Notes and short stories from my past were instrumental in the structuring of the plots and characters of my fictional works, along with my unrelenting dreams that longed to be voiced.

Please feel free to take the time and look into the BOOKS page.

This website deals with my work and interests.

I have been in the arts all my life, the first half was dedicated to performance – however my future is focused on taking all life experiences, creating and expressing myself through fine art, sculpture, writing and music composition.

The site other than general postings contains a gallery of my paintings, studies and sculptures. Information about my writing can be found within the BOOKS page. Within the MUSIC section I will be posting videos and other material periodically related to both my contemporary and classical style. For more information concerning my background please take a look at my bio page.

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MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA Too Deep (Space Time and Sensibility) Australia 4 Austalia 1 Kimono and Ginger Jar Romeo in Juliet's Tomb - No. 2