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Being a huge fan of Immanuel Kant one of the most influential German philosophers and writers of the 18th-century, I decided to loosely base this work on one of my favourite books to date. “ The Critique of Pure Reason”

Although the book is very complex, in this painting I have played with the simple theme of  “The Transcendental Aesthetic”.

Space, Time and Sensibility are the things that triggered this image to come into creation.

Space and time being a priori form of sensible intuition for the viewer is removed and only exists in its self for the subject, which is transcendental in Aesthetic but held in a Metaphysical world.

I have tried to create an uncertainty with no resolution in an intermediate state with no scientific speculation.

Too Deep (Space, Time and Sensibility)

In Too Deep

size: 180cm wide by 180cm high, medium: oil on canvas.

The colour red in this painting signifies the human side of the subject’s nature but also a wealth and status symbol as is the colour gold used in the back-drop of the painting. Because the wedding works are based around marriage I wanted to create a serious mood by using the colour red and also using it as a motif for passion by covering the subjects body. It is also a colour for joy and celebration and in some Eastern cultures it is a sign for purity.

Wedding Night 3

Wedding Night 3

size: 175cm wide by 120cm high, medium: oil on canvas.

The Lilies are used as a sign of purity and chastity but the subject is actually dealing with feelings of shame. The lily has also been used many times before as a sign of giving birth in old religious works when Mary is presented with Lillies by the Arch Angel Gabriel before the arrival of her newborn son. The feet are very important in this work  and that is why they are exposed.  I wanted them to show the awkward and uncomfortable feelings of the subject. This painting was inspired slightly by one of Klimt’s works “Portrait of Sonja Knips, 1898”, but only as an idea. The appearance, style and use of colour palette is nothing like his. 

Wedding Night 2

Wedding Night 2

size: 100cm wide by 180cm high, medium: oil on canvas.

These works started initially by purchasing two canvases in their raw brown colour for the first time which was very exciting as I didn’t know how the paint would look and behave on this type of raw canvas. I wanted to use a minimum amount of paint with the maximum amount of effect. I tried to let as much of the natural canvas colour to come through by using more highlights and less dark tones and painting only just enough of the subject to let the viewer imagine the rest. Why the Tiffany light and Hogarth you may ask? Tiffany lights are my favourite lamp/ light design from the Art Deco era when something as simple as a table lamp was designed by (Louis Comfort Tiffany) as a work of art/sculpture and William Hogarth was one of the most major English painters and pioneers of Western sequential art of his time. His work is almost like a photographic record of what things were like in the 1700s. This is something I have always been interested in. The past.

Reading Hogarth Next to Tiffany Light 1

Reading Hogarth Next to Tiffany Light 1

size: 100cm wide by 100cm high, medium: oil on canvas.

Reading Hogarth Next to Tiffany Light 2

Reading Hogarth next to Tiffany Light 2

size: 122cm wide by 80cm high, medium: oil on canvas.

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