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Wedding Night 1

size: 140cm wide by 200cm high, medium: oil on canvas.

This work is the first of a series.

It captures the solemn moments of quietude before the consummation of the wedding vows. The feeling is one of cloistered, monastic and meditative reflection.

The painting uses as a back drop two paintings by Jan van Huysum circa early 1700s. They are a great source of inspiration for the artist.

The very dark Elizabethan seat brings the wedding dress and cushions into focus for a greater lighting effect.

The wedding dress is late Victorian and the model is a modern day young woman.

There are archaic and modern subdivisions in the backdrop and ornamentally. Culturally there is no significant departure from  tradition and the emotions in the course of events are the same.

The artist has tried to avoid any of the obvious religious meaning associated with this ceremony but there is a small motif through the painting in the form of a cross created by the unoccupied area in between the paintings and the seat of which the sitter is part of.

A short trip through the epoch of time. 


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